Two new team members have come on board for the environmental team. Sophie and Sarah’s extensive volunteering and work based skill set will allow the team to progress and move forward in all areas of environmental restoration. 

The Plant People have built a strong relationship with Todd Properties over the last few years which has allowed us to extend our works with the Long Bay Communities Project. The extent of the work and the addition of two new teams (construction and environmental) have opened up new opportunities allowing the incorporation of all divisions. 

We are always looking for new ways to show case the work we delivery here at The Plant People. We recently enlisted the help from Hoverfly to help us to capture some of our larger projects from the air.

New research by scientists from NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmosphere), indicates that New Zealand’s forests absorb much more CO2 then previously thought. Models show that much of the CO2 uptake is associated with forest in the southwest of the South Island.

We all talk about “delivering best practices” and “working to best practices” but is that enough? Surely we should be striving to achieve higher levels? Constantly improving and trying to be the trendsetters in new approaches and techniques.

Wetland storm water management systems play a huge role in today’s subdivision process. They are designed to slow the flow of water in addition to filtering pollutants which accumulate in suburban catchments.  One of the main factors that affect how successful a wetland is at removing pollutants from the water is the plants. The Plant People’s landscaping teams are experts in planting wetlands, delivering stunning man-made wetlands across New Zealand.

Clean Stream Consultants partners with Bestmann Green System

With the New Year brings new changes and that is no different for us. Our sister company, Clean Stream Consultants, has just signed a partnership with Bestmann Green System® (BGS). BGS is an internationally recognised environmental engineering company designing and developing innovative environmental solutions.

The Plant People have been awarded ISO 18001

We are excited to announce that The Plant People’s commitment to Health and Safety has been recognised through the attainment of ISO 18001.

sports fields and grounds maintenance

It’s already been a great start to 2017. Our landscape maintenance team have been informed that we have been awarded the contract to maintain Lynfield College sport fields and surrounding grounds.

Our specialist team will be delivering high quality maintenance to ensure the fields are in top condition for the schools 20 sport teams. Our Maintenance Manager is excited with the opportunities to show Lynfield College the high quality results that The Plant People can deliver.

landscaping for business entrance

The entrance to your business is an important aspect; it’s the first sight your customers or clients see of you. The Plant People are here to help you make that entrance what you desire.

Celebrating a Successful Year: 2016

What a year 2016 has been!  For The Plant People it has been incredibly positive. Our landscape teams have delivered some incredible projects. Our maintenance team has been ensuring that some of Auckland’s impressive landscapes remain so. Our nurseries have been continuing to grow even more eco-sourced plants.

Landscape maintenance: Hobsonville Coastal Walkway

The maintenance of a landscape project can be the difference between a successful, well-established landscape feature and a failing, weed-infested eyesore.

Boardwalk and stormwater pond construction

Kawau Waters, Snells Beach

Our civil construction team has been busy building footpaths and developing the stormwater pond, including a boardwalk across the pond at Kawau Waters residential development.

Garden and park space construction: Highsted, Christchurch

The Plant People have been working hard on Highsted Development in Christchurch recently. The project involves the construction of gardens and park space.

Environmental Team

Our environmental division is a newly formed specialised team within The Plant People's diverse operations. The environmental division assists in the delivery of ecological restoration management plans.

Our New Fleet Member

Have you seen our new truck out and about?

Our newest fleet member has been purposely built for our mowing team. Over 120 years’ worth of mowing knowledge from our team has been fed into the design of this self-contained transporter. This has created an independent one-stop shop for mowing.

Tammy Bonnett completes National Certificate Level 3 Arboriculture

A big congratulations goes out to Tammy for completing National Certificate Level 3 Arboriculture. This achievement reflects the extra effort and hours you have spent balancing work, home life and study. Well done!!! 

We are sure we will be seeing and hearing a great deal more about your achievements in the future. Keep up the good work, Tammy.

Preston Road subdivision to get grand entrance

What used to be the back entrance to the Preston Road subdivision is now getting a make over.  

Pegasus Golf Course ranked #14 in NZ

We're extremely proud to learn this week that the Pegasus Golf Course - maintained by The Plant People - has been rated #14 on Australian Golf Digests's 2016 list of New Zealand's Top 40 Golf Courses

Roundabout planting in Christchurch

The subdivision at Longhurst is looking so good and so our attention now turns to the main road. The entrance way has its turn for a makeover. Our team have been busy tiding up and planting out the median strip and roundabout along Halswell Junction Road.